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"HE KNEW HE WAS RIGHT" (2004) Review

"HE KNEW HE WAS RIGHT" (2004) Review

I wrote this REVIEW of "HE KNEW HE WAS RIGHT", the 2004 adaptation of Anthony Trollope's 1869 novel. Adapted by Andrew Davies and directed by Tom Vaughn, the miniseries starred Oliver Dimsdale and Laura Fraser.
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June 8 2016, 08:03:16 UTC 9 months ago Edited:  June 8 2016, 08:03:55 UTC

A very nice review. I haven't seen the film yet, except some small parts on TV, but I read the book and I liked it very much (Trollope is one of my favourite writers). This particular novel was quite tough to read because of the dramatic (tragic) side of the story..