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Costume drama masterlist

Since a few people have shown interest in a list of costume films, I've listed some links below which is pretty exhaustive (about 2,000 titles!). From what I gather, "period" films are mostly adaptations which might be considered more highbrow than "historical".

{HERE} a list of all period films and TV programmes which are currently available on These include all the standards - Jane Eyre, Austen adaptations, Dickens, &etc.

{HERE} is a list of all historical films and TV programmes currently available (includes films like the Sharpe series, Troy, Hornblower, the new Robin Hood, &etc.)

{HERE} is a list of all Classic BBC dramas from There's some good deals on a lot of the standards here.

It's also worth doing a price check on a specific title using kelkoo. They have an international site and a UK one:

Also, someone asked about Daniel Deronda the other day so I emailed the BBC and got this reply
Dear Laura

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately 'Daniel Deronda' is not currently available on DVD through
BBC Shop and we are unaware of any plans to release this title in the
near future.

BBC Shop is not responsible for any decisions regarding commissioning of
new formats. Any queries relating to the above should be directed to:

BBC Commissioning Editor
3rd Floor
2 Entertain Ltd
33 Foley Street

Please note that enquiries can only be made by post.

BBC Shop is committed to giving customers access to the complete range
of products published by BBC Worldwide and in order to view the complete
range please go to

We suggest you periodically check on the 'new release' section of the
BBC Shop using the link below, as you will find a regularly updated list
of forthcoming BBC titles there.

Why not sign up to the BBC Shop email bulletin and you'll receive
exciting offers and promotions as well as information on the latest new
releases. Please go to

If you have any further problems or queries please do not hesitate to
contact us for further assistance.

Kind regards,

Kaylie Russell
Customer Services
. In short, it's not available, nor are there any plans to release it again. Amazon marketplace have Region 1 copies for sale from around £10 - {HERE}.
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