Lady Scandalous (ghostlybohemia) wrote in bbccostumedrama,
Lady Scandalous

New TV adaptations for the autumn.

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A photo of the Dashwood sisters in the new BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibility.

In the new issue of Vogue UK, there's an article about British drama for Autumn. There's some information on Cranford - "Judi Dench has taken her first major dramatic role on TV this decade in the BBC's Elizabeth Gaskell adaptation Cranford Chronicles. Other notables include Michael Gambon."

BBC has Cranford and Andrew Davies' three part Sense and Sensibility. ITV has Frankenstein and another Andrew Davies in the first television adaptation of A Room with a View.

David Morrissey (Blackpool, Bradley Headstone in Our Mutual Friend) plays Colonel Brandon in the new S&S.
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